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About The Firm


The Law Offices of John J. Caffrey is a criminal law firm serving clients all throughout Long Island. Since its founding, the firm has successfully handled thousands of cases related to a variety of criminal lawsuits – from speeding tickets, to grand larceny, burglary, and DUIs.


For our team, nothing is more important than ensuring that our clients receive a thorough, comprehensive, and strategic defense – one that takes evidence into account and embraces the highest standard of ethical representation. Each and every day, we remain committed to serving our clients passionately and aggressively, because we truly understand what’s at stake.


John J. Caffrey, Esq. is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who has built a name and a reputation as the very best on Long Island. With a wide ranging legal expertise, John’s track record speaks for itself.


Who We Are


The Law Offices of John J. Caffrey was founded by John Caffrey, Esq. Based in Long Island and serving Suffolk and Nassau counties including all courts.


For us, nothing is more important than ensuring that we build a thorough and impenetrable defense for our clients across a range of criminal lawsuits. Throughout our years of legal experience, we’ve worked with clients across a variety of charges including, but not limited to:


    • Speeding Tickets / Traffic Tickets
    • Commercial License Traffic Tickets
    • Personal Injury (Car Accidents / Slip & Falls)
    • Grand Larceny
    • Petit Larceny
    • Gun / Drug Charges
    • Robbery / Burglary / Assault
    • Fraud
    • Auto Theft
    • DWI
    • DUI
    • Graffiti


Our Mission


Our mission is simple – we strive to ensure that our clients receive their right to a fair and just trial. Furthermore, that they come equipped with a solid defense case, which takes their best interests into account.


Recently Received A Ticket or Charges Have Been Filed?


If you’ve recently received a ticket or if you’ve had charges filed against you, it’s time to act. Work with the Law Offices of John J. Caffrey to ensure that you have the best defense possible. With thousands of successfully handled cases throughout our long and decorated career, we believe that we’ve got the best team, the best strategy, and the best chance at winning your case.

Contact us today to learn more about our services – we’d be proud to represent you as our client.

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