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Grand & Petit Larceny – Criminal Defense Attorney – John J. Caffrey, Esq.

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John J. Caffrey, Esq. – Grand & Petit Larceny Criminal Defense Attorney in Suffolk & Nassau County

Grand & Petit Larceny


Larceny is a serious offense, whether it be grand larceny or petit larceny, and the team of the Law Offices of John J Caffrey take it very seriously. When a client approaches us with assistance in defending their case against these charges, we do everything we can to build the strongest possible case. As your defense lawyers, we will leave no stone unturned in terms of evidence.


The Law Offices of John J. Caffrey possess the knowledge, expertise, and passion required to build a solid defense for any larceny lawsuit that might be brought against you or someone you know.


What We Do To Serve You


To serve our clients, we cover each and every angle to provide comprehensive representation throughout your case. We work with you to determine the root cause of the lawsuit, and we target any and all potential liabilities that might shift blame away from you.


Throughout our time as a law firm, we’ve worked with our clients across a wide variety of larceny cases. Our goal is to ensure that we put together a thorough defense that looks at the evidence and secures the very best outcome for your case.


The Right Legal Support When You Need It


Just because you’ve been served with a lawsuit does not mean that you’re a criminal, and our team is here to make sure that this notion holds true. If you or someone you know has recently been charged with a larceny lawsuit, we encourage you to contact our team immediately to learn more about how we can serve you and represent you throughout your legal dispute.


We’re committed to your success at trial, and we’ve got the track record to prove that our legal strategy works. Contact us today and let’s work together to build your case.

Contact us today to learn more about our services – we’d be proud to represent you as our client.

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