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Cell Phone Tickets in NY – How to Avoid 5 Points on Your License

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Each day, drivers across the country are ticketed for violating various traffic laws. While some of these tickets may be relatively minor, others can have more severe consequences. One such offense is using a cell phone while driving. A first-time violation can lead to a five-point penalty on your license, so it's essential to understand the law and take steps to avoid getting ticketed. This blog post will provide an overview of New York's Cell Phone Law, explain the consequences of a violation, and offer tips for avoiding a ticket. What Is the Cost of a Cell Phone Ticket in New York? Fines In...

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White Collar Crimes

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According to the FBI, "white-collar crime" was coined in 1939. Since then, it has been used to describe several criminal behaviors, including fraud, corruption, and money laundering. Over the last decade, advances in digital technology and our increasing dependence on the internet have extended the range of white-collar offenses, allowing anyone to become a victim. While no precise data are available, aggregate statistics reveal that the rate of white-collar crime has been on the rise in recent years. This is likely due to several factors, including the continued globalization of business, the increased complexity of financial transactions, and the prevalence of...

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Should You Hire a Lawyer to Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

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Getting a traffic ticket is never pleasant, but most people have received one or more in their lifetime. Although most people pay the fine and move on, it may be worthwhile to hire a traffic attorney to fight your ticket. Many people get tickets when they don't necessarily deserve them. Suppose there are mitigating circumstances surrounding your ticket. In that case, an attorney can help present your case in the best possible light and increase your chances of getting the ticket dismissed or reduced. For example, in a vehicle accident scenario, if an officer did not observe the operator driving the...

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